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Curriculum Development By Purita Bilbao Pdf Download (April-2022)




There is a fundamental need to identify and articulate the many perspectives and perspectives on the curriculum. There are many variations in the way the curriculum is taught and learned (Bilbao et al., 2008). The teacher becomes a facilitator and a developer of curriculum (Zins, 2010). There is a consensus that it is the teacher’s role to shape the curriculum and to support learning in it. Teachers need to be knowledgeable about the curriculum and how it is used (Bilbao et al., 2008; Marshall, 2002). This can include identifying its goals, purpose, structure and sequence of the curriculum. For any kind of curriculum, there are different disciplines and skills. There are specific ways to define each curriculum (Ferrell, 2000; Wandersman et al., 2007). Curriculum Development Lesson 2: Curriculum Types. curriculum development process diagram In his view, curriculum is not static; it is a dynamic entity that changes, needs to be rethought and reevaluated and adapted in a continuous cycle (Piotrowski, 2006). The evaluation of the curriculum should take into consideration that the learning environment is a dynamic and complex process which should be continuously assessed (Marshall, 2000). Curriculum Development Lesson 2: Curriculum Types. The teacher should be responsible for initiating and shaping the curriculum. There are several aspects of the curriculum that are important to the teacher. According to the teacher’s needs assessment, the teacher determines the purpose of the curriculum, identifies the curriculum contents, and selects methods to teach the curriculum and facilitate the learning process. The teacher develops the curriculum content and forms the goals of the curriculum and the learning objectives of the courses. The teachers and learners may identify and include “competencies” that describe the learning outcomes that are expected to be achieved by the learners. The curriculum planning should start with identifying the state and local education agency, federal, state, and local polices that impact the schools. It is important to understand what the school and the district currently are doing. A teacher should also know the school and district policies. The teacher needs to decide what he/she is planning to teach. The process of curriculum development can be initiated with an inquiry, a survey or analysis of the needs assessment of the students, the community, and the school. The needs assessment should include a focus on how the students learn best, how the community wants to be involved, and how the school wants to




Curriculum Development By Purita Bilbao Pdf Download (April-2022)

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