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5 Tips From a Wedding Videographer

Wedding...this word encompasses so many different things and makes the average bride's stress level go up. We get it! As videographers we understand you have countless lists of items that need to be done and you just do not know where to start. You have numerous vendors to contact and hire and after that multiple phone calls and meetings with them to make sure your big day is nothing less than perfect.

Stop the madness!

This is easier said than done but you just gotta breathe...and then ask yourself, "Have I hired my videographer yet?" Ok, so we added that last part in BUT it does not have to be a stressful question! We have 5 tips that can be super helpful and essential to making your wedding day seamless from a videographers standpoint. It will also help you to relax and know that you are in good hands.

  1. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU WANT - We are very creative people but also know you are too! So think of some particular shots you may want in the video like grandma's heirloom ring or a couples shot under the 100-year-old oak tree near the venue. The list is endless! We want to make sure that not one moment or detail is missed that you truly want in your wedding video. You can also send us your itinerary and emphasize these points in there. That way we are fully prepped and ready to make you a happy bride!

2. HAVE A BOX - What I mean by that is to have your items for the videographer in a central location. This is for when we come around to collect your items to get footage of it while you are still getting ready. One of our personal favorites is a shoe box! Here is a list of items we love getting footage of:

  • Shoes, Garter, Family heirlooms incorporated that day, Earrings, Invitations, Envelopes, Rings, and of course the Dress (except don't put that in the box....we knew you knew that though!)

3. ACT LIKE WE ARE NOT THERE - Let me rephrase this, please talk to us because we love all of our brides! We mean to act like we are not there when you are getting ready and truly enjoy and lavish in the day ahead of you. Do not worry about us getting your good side or being in the perfect light. We already had that in mind! No need to fear, DIFP is here!

4. ASK US QUESTIONS - One of our biggest jobs that day is obviously to capture every single special moment but it is to also help you in any way we can. We are not above answering questions. We are not above drying water off your bouquets to get everyone back on schedule. We are not above wearing fanny packs filled with bobby pins and all the essentials you may need or may have forgotten. We are your biggest fan!

5. HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE - This is the biggest tip we could ever give you and the most important. Enjoy every little thing because your wedding day goes by so fast! Don't worry, we will be out there cuttin' a rug on the dance floor with you too.

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